Website Designing and Development

An excellent website is the utmost requirement of every business. At Software Cities, we understand the requirements of your desired website. Our dedicated website development team grasps the essence of your ideas and put their consistent efforts, latest technologies, and techniques to turn your dream website into realism. Our feature-rich web development empowers you to develop your software your way!

We develop your website with PHP and .NET. Let’s have a look over the benefits you get with them.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • Speed optimization of the web page
  • Security from viruses and malicious attacks
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Makes your site fully-functional, dynamic, and robust
 .NET Framework
  • Security optimization
  • Maintainability, Robustness, and Scalability
  • Swift website development
  • Interpolation with existing applications

Content Management System

At Software Cities, we understand the need of organizing the crucial content for your emerging business. We strive to organize and publish your content in a highly sophisticated way, that too with least technical requirements. We leverage you with our unconceivable CMS that brings you a tailored website, customized absolutely as per your requisites. We intend to use techniques like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla for this. Our Content Management System is exclusively designed to make smoother and faster websites that require least maintenance. You get following benefits with our CMS.

    • Precise Content Organization
    • Scalability
    • Improved Search Engine Optimization
    • Improved Client Service

Our CMS comprises of


We provide a vital solution for Web Development in WordPress. Our Content Management System comes up with an incredible WordPress development which bestows you with the creation of your interactive websites, blogs, forums, online stores, galleries, and much more. In WordPress, the blogging platforms are written in PHP and MySQL. The major advantage of WordPress lies in being the most user friendly interface. Further, since WordPress is an open-source software, it empowers you to customize and adapt your websites exactly as per your requisites. The resilient architecture with aid of uncountable themes and plugins enables you with an effortless control over your websites and blogs. On top of all, WordPress is the most SEO friendly interface, which makes it easier for you to bring your site’s reputation up.


Drupal is considered to be the most preferred open source platform of CMS due to its amazing features like security, resilience, and scalability. Numerous of the busiest websites across the Globe are powered by Drupal platform. Our Drupal technology endows you with remarkable Standard Compliant Themes and Templates along with providing you highly regulated Search Engine Optimization. Further, it offers you an improved Content Administration with a wide range of core and contributed modules. This empowers you with a very high degree of editorial workflow and management. Tracking and Statistics is another important feature of our Drupal platform. It possesses a dedicated user tracking and statistics which you can integrate with any third party reporting tools.


Our CMS platform is incorporated with Joomla, an open source CMS technology capable of supporting any web design with its unmatchable modules and templates. Joomla can be operated on almost all major operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX server, Solaris, and AIX. An exciting feature of Joomla lies in being a multilingual CMS platform, supporting more than 64 languages worldwide. Further, Joomla comes up with an extremely powerful extensibility which allows it to be enhanced to suit your requirements. Our Joomla platform empowers you to easily upgrade it using its one click upgrade version feature. In addition, you get tremendous banner and contact management with our Joomla platform.